Mars can be terraformed with Hydrogen Bombs

Elon Musk to nuke the pole caps

In an interview, Musk proposed to use thermonuclear weapons over the Martian poles. The aim is to evaporate the water ice and CO2, and thus to create a strong greenhouse effect on the planet. The rising temperatures would cause more ice to melt, accelerating the effect. Musk believes that in this way Mars could be terraformed within a century.

The UN has cautiously welcomed the plan, but has requested a detailed environmental impact plan. Once this is agreed, it will lift the ban on nuclear testing in the atmosphere for Mars (the ban will remain in place on Earth.)

Climate change deniers have poured scorn on the plan, stating that ‘if it didn’t work on Earth, it won’t work on Mars’.

The IPCC has requested that global temperature change on Mars should be limited to no more than 2C.

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