Tesla Roadster on the way to Mars given a speeding ticket

Launch speed exceeded 200 miles per hour, Florida police claims

The Tesla company has just confirmed that it has been notified of a traffic violation by the City of Orlando Police Department. The violation occurred during the launch of the Tesla Roadster on its way to Mars. The car was measured at 212 miles per hour at 1000 feet above the ground, where the jurisdiction of the traffic police ended.  The speed limit at Cape Canaveral is 30 miles per hour for cars, and 5 miles per hour for rocket transporters.

Because the speed was more than 30 miles per hour above the limit, the case will be handled by the county courts, rather than with an on-the-spot fine. The driver (D. Bowie) is also charged with reckless driving with risk to life, and may get a driving ban for life. Tesla is expected to argue that the car was in fact self-driving and was therefore exempt from traffic fines.

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