Donald Trump nominated for mission to Mars

It was announced today that Donald Trump has been nominated to lead the 2024 mission to Mars. The nomination was made by a number of people in recent leadership positions. Trump has not yet responded to the nomination but the nominators expressed the strong view that he is the best person, and the most qualified, to make Mars great again.

The nomination was made by the following poeple.

James Comey, Ex-director of The Federal Bureau of Information
Sally Yates, Ex-acting US attorney general
Michael Flynn, Ex-national security adviser
Preet Bharara, Ex-attorney for the southern district of New York
Walter Shaub, Ex-head of the US Office of Government Ethics
Michael Dubke, Ex-White House communications director
Reince Priebus, Ex-chief of staff
Sean Spicer, Ex-White House press secretary
Michael Short, Ex-senior White House assistant press secretary
Anthony Scaramucci, Ex-White House communications director
Steve Bannon, Ex-chief strategist
Sebastian Gorka, Ex-deputy assistant to the president
Tom Price, Ex-Health Secretary
Andrew McCabe, Ex-deputy director of the Federal Bureau of Information
Rob Porter, Ex-White House staff secretary
David Sorenson, Ex-White House speechwriter
Hope Hicks, Ex-White House communications director
Gary Cohn, Ex-economic adviser
Rex Tillerson, Ex-Secretary of State
HR McMaster, Ex-national security adviser
David Shulkin, Ex-Veterans Affairs Secretary
John McEntee, Ex-personal aide
Omarosa Manigault-Newman, Ex-Director of communications for the Office of Public Liaison
Dina Powell, Ex-Deputy national security adviser

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