The MarsBar Newscorp

Welcome Earthlings

You found the Mars Bar. Whether you have travelled here by Tesla Roadster or by SpaceX Rocket: A warm welcome from us here at the Mars Bar.

On this site you’ll find the latest News from Mars:

Mars is a much weirder place than you think. Our goal is to prepare you for your mission to Mars.

And if you don’t feel like a beer or a Deep Fried Mars Bar prepared by the illustrous Bar Friars, you can go on a  Wild Mars Easter Egg Hunt and eat all the chocolate eggs. If you happen to spot the Martian Easter Bunny, which looks much like the terrestrial Sand Hare, send us your screenshot at As said, the MarsBar Newscorp sponsors your prize: A Free Martian Green Beer and a Deep Fried Mars Bar at the Mars Bar. Have fun!